augh! I’m so far behind. Tuesday morning, our dog Max went to the vet to have his leg looked at. It turned out he had a big growth of some kind, that they had to surgically remove. The poor thing had to come home with one of those big cones on his head, so he wouldn’t end up worrying the stitches right out of his leg, so for the past couple of days I’ve been home with him, causing me to be even further behind than usual.


You should have seen him for the last couple days though, our dog is a total piece of work. He basically pretends that he’s completely helpless with the cone on. Like he’ll go to his water bowl and pretend that he’s unable to drink with the cone on, staring at you pitifully. Finally gets thirsty enough, and he drinks just fine though. Oh, and he seems to be delighting in bumping into us with his cone, at every opportunity. He even tried to use the edge of it to leverage the garbage can open.

Anyhow… he’s way better today, though still a conehead, and I’m desperately trying to dig my way through a bunch of email. All I can say is that I need more help! I wish I had a personal assistant to do nothing but keep my email caught up. I need to get Monk’s first column up, send Lippy Imp a bunch of new books to review, I  have a few hundred sites waiting for review, and several that need updating, and am still working on the regional section. I think I am officially looking for a couple more reviewers, just as soon as I get time to put up a help wanted. :)

Ok, back to work with me. We leave in the morning for a 4 day ski trip, so if I don’t get it done by 4 or so this afternoon, it’ll be Wednesday before I have another chance. *sigh*

(oh, and just ’cause I’m gone doesn’t mean there won’t be review updates, so please, stick around… I just won’t have email or access to make bigger changes)

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