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Reason #457 why I love Elliott…

He’s not afraid of sextoys. To be honest, in the social circles I used to be in, nobody was afraid of sextoys – but I think in the general population, there are a lot of unfounded sextoy fears. Back when I was thinking of selling JanesGuide (there was a period during my split with my [...]

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Reader Mail Day

Hi, I’m a novice fetish eroticism writer, and also a switch female that writes from my own experience. I was looking for sites/magazines that are looking for new blood or talent. I was wondering could you help me out. I am published in my hometown, but am told I am a bit hardcore at times. [...]

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I am such a dork

Ok, so when I started putting a blog up again, I didn’t do comments. I decided it would help me blog, to just pretend as if it was for myself. But it didn’t really help, in fact I don’t know what is ever going to make me feel as comfortable as I used to in [...]

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Feb. 15th

I actually really love Valentine’s Day, mostly because my inner child loves both the color pink and hearts. I don’t, however, usually celebrate it as a romantic holiday. Rather, for the past couple of years it’s been a family occasion. I do a big dinner, with “the good china” and crystal glasses, little boxes of [...]

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k, so I had the best, most relaxing weekend…

…followed by a totally stressful evening. Elliott and I spent part of the weekend out in the San Juans, having some of the best sex and the best sleep either of us has had in awhile. It was beautiful (if cold) weather, and just nice to be out in the complete quiet of the Islands [...]

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Ugh, it’s 7am and I’m in the office 2 hours earlier than usual. I just dropped Elliott off at the ferry terminal, after I take the girls to their dad’s this evening,  I’ll be rushing to get on the last ferry over.
I had to come in early today, I have about 2 hours to get [...]

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NBC needs balls.

I’m completely annoyed that NBC bowed to pressure from right wing so-called Christians and pulled The Book of Daniel off the air. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across it on television, thinking that the mainstream networks were completely devoid of any creativity whatsoever. It was not at all anti-religion, rather it showed a religious [...]

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it’s been one of those days (or a few of them)

I have been trying to write something in here, but I’m swamped with work and tired and the weather is getting me down. So… I’m going to write about happy things, things that I’m looking forward to in the coming month because I will say that although there are always blips, I  have a hell [...]

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