…followed by a totally stressful evening. Elliott and I spent part of the weekend out in the San Juans, having some of the best sex and the best sleep either of us has had in awhile. It was beautiful (if cold) weather, and just nice to be out in the complete quiet of the Islands during the off-season.

Sunday afternoon, we went to have our bondage lesson with Max, which was completely wonderful in every way. In fact, I was going to write mostly about how cool that was (he’s a great teacher, and I’ve always had happy chemistry with Max) along with some other stuff, but now all that is on my mind is my kitty, Andy, who died last night.

We were on our way back home after Max, and dinner, and only 30 minutes away when the girls called. They’d gotten home with my mom right before us, and Andy was having a seizure of some kind. Within about 2 minutes, he was gone. We’re pretty sure he was poisoned. When we got home, my mom was still holding him and all the girls were in tears. We’ve had him most of their lives, since they were about 1, 2 and 3 years old. He survived several moves, and truly was the one constant (besides me, of course) in my daughters lives. I’m going to totally miss him, he was a great cat. Full of personality.

We had him sent off to be tested, so we can determine if he was indeed poisoned as we suspect. If he was, we think it may have been intentional. Not sure if there is much we can do about it, but we do want to know so as to better protect our remaining 2 cats. When they’re done with tests, they’ll cremate him and send the ashes back so we can do a memorial service. I know pet lovers out there won’t think I’m being too silly about this, he was family for real. Blah.

Anyhow, when I’m in a better mood there is a ton to write about from my weekend. More then…


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