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the lovely Isabella Valentine

Just wanted to post a quick public thank-you to Isabella Valentine. She sent the nicest gift in the mail, to me and Vamp, just in appreciation for the website and reviews. Now I will confess, when she wrote asking if she could get the mailing address, I expected what I didn’t need: something adult like [...]

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Big Love

I’ve been out of the office way too much in the past week, between kid birthdays and everything else going on. Yesterday Elliott came with me into the city on pilates day, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon tagging along like a little kid as he had various business meetings. The one [...]

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I love the internet

I admit it, I have a total fear of the telelphone. I don’t know why exactly, but I think it has far more to do with my years working for an airline in telephone reservations than it does with my few short months as a phonesex operator. heh.
So I lost my PADI dive card, sometime [...]

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it’s getting closer…

the trip to Jamaica that is. And going diving again. I was looking into underwater housing for my current camera, but then after wandering around Adorama a bunch I ended up ordering this underwater camera today. Can’t wait to try it out on the trip. The last time we were in warm diving water, we [...]

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bondage lessons and meeting your OTKL (one true kinky love)

hi again…
so after 5 days of almost nothing but reading, watching tv and sleeping, I’m finally mostly better. Elliott, sadly, is only into day 3 of it so he’s still out of it. I’m sad because we were trying to schedule a bondage lesson with Max this Sunday and now it looks as if it [...]

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plague.. **cough cough**

hey there…
so things will probably be quiet in here until at least Monday – by the way, when I say “in here” I mean only my little blog portion of the site. Reviews will still be posted, Monk will still have a column tomorrow, etc.
2 of my girls and my mother have been intermittently sick [...]

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how did I get this far behind again?

Well, another week gone by. Flew by, actually. My right arm hurts from getting a tetanus booster yesterday at the UW Travel clinic. Elliott and I are getting ready for our Jamaica trip next month, and after my Mexico illness I wasn’t taking any chances. So, armed with Hep A and tetanus shots, prescriptions for [...]

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