hey there…

so things will probably be quiet in here until at least Monday – by the way, when I say “in here” I mean only my little blog portion of the site. Reviews will still be posted, Monk will still have a column tomorrow, etc.

2 of my girls and my mother have been intermittently sick for the past 2 months. Ongoing colds and flu. Well, Elliott and I finally succumbed, just when I was sure we’d dodged the bullet. For the past 3 days I’ve done mostly nothing. Well, unless you count reading a lot and watching a ton of bad television while in a cold-medicine and fever induced haze. Of course that does make bad television more palatable. heh.

Just finished Thank You for Smoking, which was a pretty funny book. Not up to Christopher Moore levels of funny, but funny nonetheless. I have a pile of books from Sunday night, when I felt the illness coming on and rushed to the bookstore to stock up. Some light reading like the latest Kinsey Milhone mystery (Sue Grafton, anyone?) and some travel info (Lonely Planet Jamaica), among other things. Blah, and we had a free weekend coming up, that I now fear will be spent in bed in a bad way, not a good way.

I don’t have email from home, so forgive me if I don’t get back to something until next week. I came in to the office this morning long enough to make sure nothing pressing was sitting in my inbox (hopefully I didn’t miss anything, I feel half brain-dead) but now I’ll be away until Monday.

wishing you all good health and a fun weekend… - Jane

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