the trip to Jamaica that is. And going diving again. I was looking into underwater housing for my current camera, but then after wandering around Adorama a bunch I ended up ordering this underwater camera today. Can’t wait to try it out on the trip. The last time we were in warm diving water, we ended up going on a whole bunch of dives over the course of the trip, so I think this camera will end up getting it’s money’s worth over time. Besides, it’ll be good for sailing season as well. I can get that much closer to the action without worrying about my camera getting wet!

I’m in the midst of the entirely boring job of cleaning my closet out. I realized last night when I was digging for an old camera connector that there is entirely too much junk crammed in there. I am the anti-packrat usually, I absolutely hate clutter. I always seem to end up with men who are packrats, which makes me wonder – is that just a gender thing? Every guy I know seems to be of the “well it might come in handy SOME day...” mindset.

Oh well, back to my boring task..

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