Ok, so I’m back and slogging (slowly) through the morass of spam that accumulated in my inbox while we were gone. It’s going slowly getting things answered due to the injury I sustained while on vacation. heh. Nothing terrible, but I sprained my right hand playing pool volleyball at the resort. Ouch. And then, when it had mostly healed, I hurt the very same hand the day before we left (again, playing pool volleyball)

The diving was wonderful, we actually did a 120 foot deep dive without wetsuits, the water was so warm.¬† The sea life was not huge due to overfishing, but we did see a sea snake, lots of small fish, a HUGE crab, one stingray and a barracuda, amongst other things. Oh, and the underwater camera worked fabulously, so I’ll post some photos once I download them all from the camera.

We got home around midnight on Saturday night, and so far I’ve just been trying to re-adjust to reality. Ugh.

But in other news, I finally got my space to put some pilates equipment! I’m so excited, but now I have to figure out when exactly I’m going to find time to teach. This week I’m going to paint the space, next week we’ll do the floors (from carpet to pergo), and then I’ll finally start to teach some of the friends and acquaintances who’ve been waiting for this to finally happen. It’s a small space, so I won’t have room for anything other than one-on-one instruction, but that’s what I feel is most valuable anyhow so it’s all good. Yay!

Anyhow.. that’s the updates from my little world. Review on Hedonism III to come, along with scuba pictures…


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