Yesterday after my regular weekly pilates session in Seattle, I dropped by Heather’s house.  Yup, dropped by. It seemed REALLY strange to me, considering the fact that for the 9 or so years of our friendship we’ve lived across the country from each other, and done most of our communicating over the phone, in emails and IMs, and with actual in-person visits about annually. To just “drop by”, well WOW. We walked through her new neighborhood, lucked into a great inexpensive sushi place for lunch, and followed it (thanks a lot Heather) with a quick stop at a cupcake shop. Actually, my girls thank Heather for that, they loved the baby cupcakes I brought home for them.

Seattle. As in, our friendship will be a real life one instead of a phone one. Those of you who know me in real life know how much I hate talking on the phone, so this is beyond cool. AND there will be monthly wine nights! AND she and her significant other (whom, if I may gloat for a moment, she met at MY wedding last year. *gloat*) can come to visit me here too. Yay!!!

Life is feeling pretty damn good today.

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