So Vamp forwarded me an email a couple of weeks back, subject line “outdated links”. It took me awhile to get to it, as I’m always behind, but I did take a look and found a long emailed diatribe from someone about the personal ads category. It claimed that a bunch of the sites were redirecting to AdultFriendfinder (which is definitely a company that buys up expired domains constantly) and that was gone completely. I did check all of the links, and didn’t find any that were redirecting to AdultFriendfinder. The only link that went there WAS AdultFriendfinder, which we still have listed because with some caveats, they are one of the larger services around.

And hasn’t gone anywhere, and they are still the best (IMO) for bdsm personals.

It doesn’t necessarily surprise me to get negative feedback on personal ads. Unlike other forms of more passive entertainment, there are some expectations that can be hard to meet. You join a paysite, basically your goal is to find some erotic entertainment. It’ll do it’s job for you or not, but  there isn’t exactly much emotional involvement. Personal ad sites, on the other hand, can be pretty loaded. Most people who join in the spirit of a personal ad site are looking to hook up. Or meet someone for a relationship. Or whatever. The personal ad sites are invariably a higher ratio  of men than women, and of the women a certain percentage are always going to be pros of some kind, be it phonesex, escorts or some other type of for-money thing.

I have had good luck in the past with personal ad sites, when I was looking for something. Sure, I met my share of people I didn’t click with, and had a few joke-worthy coffee dates. I also met some great people. But consider that I am female, NOT there for pro trolling, and fairly able to write a coherent email.

Anyhow, I didn’t actually  log on to rant about personal ads, but I did want to say that we are still trying to do a good job around here with our small band of reviewers. If you do find an out-of-date site it’s WAY easier for me to fix it than it used to be (yay database driven site!) and I actually do care, so it’d rock if people wrote to let me know. With as many sites and years of listings as we have, it’s impossible to keep track of changes, site closures, redirects when things do close, etc. I LOVE it when people let me know. Sometimes it’s the webmaster when they are closing, sometimes it’s readers, all of the time it helps the entire quality of the site. So please do still write, I’m still reading. And one last note: there are always points for polite letters over diatribes. Thanks.. -Jane 

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