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November 30, 2006

I dreamt about sextoys last night. I can’t quite remember clearly anything other than that it was a silvery silicone dildo, for some reason I was “testing” it in public, and I was aroused yet highly embarrassed because I was worried that someone saw me.
I think I’m going to blame that little oddity of a [...]

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updates from the snowy Northwest

Well, I’ve been out of the office for a few days because we’ve had a ton of snow up here where I live. The roads were plowed enough to get in today, though, so I’ve been posting a ton of new stuff. Vamp and Peter have been busy reviewing new sites for you, and I [...]

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reader mail

I’ve noticed an interesting trend lately. After the past several years of hardly ever hearing from JanesGuide readers, I’ve started to get email again. Back in the early years of my website, I got lots of personal email. Site tips from readers, basic fan mail, requests for specific content. Then, with the huge boom of [...]

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A very cool thing…

I just had to give a shout out today about my good friend Heather Corinna’s  upcoming book. It’s due out in April of 2007, and you can actually pre-order it through Amazon. If you’re unfamiliar with Heather’s work,  she’s been running the famous Scarleteen website for almost as long as I’ve been running JanesGuide – [...]

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