I’ve noticed an interesting trend lately. After the past several years of hardly ever hearing from JanesGuide readers, I’ve started to get email again. Back in the early years of my website, I got lots of personal email. Site tips from readers, basic fan mail, requests for specific content. Then, with the huge boom of the adult web, it got less personal. People didn’t write thinking I’d never read it anyway – or maybe, websites just became taken for granted and it no longer had the feel of this little labor of love site that it’s always been.

I’m wondering if the reason email is starting to pick up again has to do with good content becoming more and more difficult to find. The search engines are basically losing the spam battle – and not just in my industry, but in EVERY area of the web. Do a search for just about anything and mixed in with all the top results are those horrid portal clones. The search engines are losing their usability, and it’s sad. I’m just thinking that maybe my website is starting to feel like a little oasis in the vast bunch of muck again. I hope so,  it’s what we try to do around here.

At any rate, I wanted to thank those people who take the time to drop me a little note. It makes a huge difference, believe it or not – just knowing there are actual people out there, instead of just the numbers in a stat log. Oh hey, and if you tell your friends we exist that’s great too! As the search engines send me fewer and fewer readers, I need the word of mouth more than ever to make this site continue to thrive. I think I can safely speak for Vamp and Peter too when I say we do very much appreciate it. -Jane

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