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learning Spanish

So I just ordered the Rosetta Stone program to learn Spanish, because when we go to Puerto Vallarta this year I want to at least know a *tiny* bit. Elliott is way better than I am at it, but he was insisting to me that there was a software program every bit as good as [...]

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a gray Monday morning can’t keep me down…

’cause Elliott got us booked for that trip to Mexico last night. Yay! By some miracle we even managed to find first class tickets using mileage. I’m not a big fan of airline mileage plans, because it’s so damn hard to ever use them – but hey, I guess it does work once in awhile. [...]

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on how we pick what to review

Every time I have someone new start here, I start to give more thought to what it is we do and don’t review and why. It’s not surprising, because there are always questions to be answered. If a site sucks, do we skip it or do we say it sucks? My answer to that is [...]

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just another good day

I had a good long conversation this morning with the woman who is about to start helping me on my redesign project. She was totally fun to chat with, and I’m even more excited than ever about the project. You’ll see everything done just in time for our June 10-year JanesGuide birthday. My little stick [...]

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things are feeling really good around here right now…

I think I’m hitting a second wind (or maybe it’s a 3rd or 4th) with running this site. I’m actually enjoying things lately, partly because of some fresh input and partly because of the ongoing support of longtime contributors. I honestly don’t know how I would have done this all these years without Vamp [...]

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Feb. 19th – More on Scarleteen

The other day I posted a blurb on Scarleteen and their fundraising kickoff. I know most people who visit this site must have at least HEARD of Scarleteen before, as I mention them often, and the site founder Heather Corinna is one of my closest friends. What I only briefly touched on and wanted [...]

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Feb. 16th

The email keeps getting more interesting. Yesterday I had someone write asking about balloon videos that I’d done a few years back. The thing is, I never did any videos ever, (well, unless you count cam shows back in the camgirl craze. I had so much fun having a cam) much less starring balloons. I [...]

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Feb. 15th

In email today: we had a complaint from a reader who signed up for a recent site based on our review – He wrote because he experienced the site being very very slow yesterday, accessing from Sweden. I will say that while I am not completely sure, I do know that there were some [...]

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public service announcement time…

As a parent of teenagers, I can attest to the fact that regardless of how open and communicative my relationships with my daughters are, there are always going to be things they don’t feel comfortable talking with me about. One of the best online resources for sexuality education and information, one of the most comprehensive [...]

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Feb. 14th

Well.. my day is not turning out quite as I’d hoped. Elliott was supposed to be in the office today working with me, as he’s helping me with a bunch of corporate filing issues and various business things that I don’t like dealing with. I’ve actually hired him as a consultant. heh. Anyhow, he’s having [...]

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