Well.. my day is not turning out quite as I’d hoped. Elliott was supposed to be in the office today working with me, as he’s helping me with a bunch of corporate filing issues and various business things that I don’t like dealing with. I’ve actually hired him as a consultant. heh. Anyhow, he’s having his own issues today at his business and is now working from home for a good chunk of the day. This is fine,  except that I was having flowers delivered to work (gardenias, his favorite) and now I have to be at the office for the delivery since he won’t be. Blah. I *want* to be taking the dog for a walk around the marina again. He’s sleeping on the floor again beside me right now, but he’d be way more happy to be watering every bush in a 5 mile radius. heh

And I’m actually answering the phones for his business, which I have never done before. I’ve always stayed well away from any involvement in his business. I don’t do phone. But I am today just ’cause I’m nice and he desperately needs the help.

Anyhow. I hope you’re all having a Wednesday day, whether this holiday is one you do anything for or not. And hey, there’s good new music out:

listening to: Lucinda Williams – West (her first new studio album since 2003! yay!) 

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