In email today: we had a complaint from a reader who signed up for a recent site based on our review – He wrote because he experienced the site being very very slow yesterday, accessing from Sweden. I will say that while I am not completely sure, I do know that there were some major problems with backbone internet providers yesterday. I’m hoping that was the only issue, and wrote back advising him to revisit the site today.

Also in email today: number of spam subject lines containing the word “fuck” had to be at around 50% of my email. It’s so tiresome.

And lastly in email today:

“You have a very informative web page.
Could you recomend me some webmasters, I need to create an adult webpage.
I am in Los Angeles Ocunty (sic) area.
Thank you

Two things: one, all I could think of was Chris Kattan on SNL doing Mango. Second: if you’re just starting out trying to make an adult site go here and do a bunch of research first.

listening to: Lucinda Williams – West (it hasn’t been off my iPod since it was released 2 days ago. love it.)

reading: Alice Hoffman РSkylight Confessions 

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