The email keeps getting more interesting. Yesterday I had someone write asking about balloon videos that I’d done a few years back. The thing is, I never did any videos ever, (well, unless you count cam shows back in the camgirl craze. I had so much fun having a cam) much less starring balloons. I don’t have anything against it, it just never really came up. But I do wonder who I’m being confused with. There must be another Jane out there who did amateur balloon vids.. heh.

I got GOOD email back on the site – it turns out it was the slowdown that was practically internet-wide on Wednesday. The reader who was mad wrote back saying he jumped the gun and loved the site, and that it was back up to regular speed. I feel so much better, and I know Peter does too. He doesn’t ever want to steer anyone wrong, and it IS a very expensive site to join.

In other news, I got things set up for AlwaysArousedGirl to start reviewing here. She’s going to do site reviews and toy reviews, since the wonderful LippyImp has been pretty busy lately. She sent the cutest bio pic… check out the staff page. Anyhow, I’m hoping she likes working with us – I can’t stress enough how quickly this job can become utterly boring. Mostly because one can only look at so much porn. Of course the perks are when you stumble onto something that actually gets to you. Elliott likes when that happens with me. heh.

This morning I got my walk with Max in, some site stuff here, and next up is planning vacation! Elliott and I are going to Puerto Vallarta the first week of April for a one-week intensive racing class in preparation for the upcoming sailing season. Elliott has been sailing his whole life, so he’s taking the advanced racing, and I’m taking the beginning/intermediate. Another couple is going with us and they’re doing the same split, so I’ll have a friend to be out with. I cannot wait to go somewhere warm! February is depressing in Washington, it’s just too cold and gray for too long. Hopefully I’ll get some great photos while we’re there too, I have a new professional printer that I’m dying to try out some big panorama pics with.

Whew.. ok, enough ramble for the day. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


listening to: Puddle of Mudd – Come Clean 

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