I think I’m hitting a second wind (or maybe it’s a 3rd or 4th) with running this site. I’m actually enjoying things lately, partly because of some fresh input and partly because of the ongoing support of longtime contributors. I honestly don’t know how I would have done this all these years without Vamp and Peter, and now I have Alwaysarousedgirl reviewing too. She’s been awesome so far, I feel like she could have been here all along.

Then on the design side, I found someone that I think will be completely perfect to work with me and Heather on a little site facelift, and the website birthday stuff in June. Yay!

and then on the business side, having someone help me to get stuff in order there has been wonderful. I honestly wish I had taken the time to find the right people to help me ages ago, but it was always too daunting. But the 3 new people in my business just sort of fell out of the clear blue sky to help. Weird, huh?

Anyhow… I just wanna say that i’m glad there are still lots of people out there coming to the site. Thank you for being so supportive, oh anonymous websurfers, for all of these years. You rock.

Oh, almost forgot: one thing I DO need is ideas for the next JanesGuide tshirt. The very first one ever had the little stick girl and the back said “See Jane Surf – Surf, Jane, Surf”. Then the second one I can’t remember exactly, but it had the little stick girl being a Jane of the Jungle swinging on a vine. I just don’t remember what the back was like. Anyhow, I need cute ideas. Anyone? Bueller?

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