Every time I have someone new start here, I start to give more thought to what it is we do and don’t review and why. It’s not surprising, because there are always questions to be answered. If a site sucks, do we skip it or do we say it sucks? My answer to that is it depends on HOW it sucks. Does it suck so egregiously that we want to rant about it? Usually that is reserved for a site so totally sex-negative or fraudulent to the consumer that we feel like editorializing about it. Most sites of normal suckage level are just skipped over so they don’t clutter up the site. (*my apologies to Chris Bridges over my negative use of the word ’suck’ – he has long been campaigning for more positive use of such a wonderful thing as sucking… )

Then there is the whole question of whether or not to list free little one page gallery sites. We used to do lots of them. Then I sort of banned doing them at all. Now I’m thinking maybe a happy medium, where I list one every day or every other day, because it’s free content, and just have them run through the new listings and quietly disappear. Does that sound like a good option?

Every once in awhile I get someone writing who says we list too much of one thing or another: too much bdsm content, too many blogs, etc. New listings dumps everything in there, and we get LOTS of blogs submitted. Lots of fetish stuff submitted too. I’ve considered having separate new listing categories but what I always come back to is that the way people stumble upon new things is to be exposed to them. So, you might come here for the paysite reviews, but hey what if you end up reading about a blog that sounds really wonderful?

Anyhow. As I’m starting to gear up for the new site makeover in June, I’m wondering more than ever what you all want. There are about 20,000 of you reading a day (well, not the blog, but the site) so do you think just maybe you could give some input? Write me, post a comment, or hey – I’ll have surveys soon, that’s way easier. Apparently you are all either completely happy with what we’re doing, or just too shy to write. heh.


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