’cause Elliott got us booked for that trip to Mexico last night. Yay! By some miracle we even managed to find first class tickets using mileage. I’m not a big fan of airline mileage plans, because it’s so damn hard to ever use them – but hey, I guess it does work once in awhile. So, this morning I went to a fake-n-bake booth for 5 whole minutes, since I’m currently at the utmost winter pallor and in one short month I’ll be spending a week on the water in tropical climate. It may be gray and drizzly and 40 degrees out right now, but fantasizing about Mexico is keeping me warm.

Elliott managed to injure his foot AND his shoulder skiing over the weekend, on one of the best snow days of the season. He got new boots (first time in about 20 years) and when he got his bindings adjusted for them, well – I don’t think they did it for quite how aggressively he skis. The poor thing is all limping around. He also ‘fessed up a few hours after getting home that he hurt his shoulder too.

Everything is moving right along on my redesign – I couldn’t be more thrilled with the designer, Rae, from Fresh-Fetish.com. She totally gets what I want, even when I’m being not very  helpful. I told her this morning, I feel like someone showing up at the hair stylist going “well I don’t know quite what I want, what  do you think would look cute?” but she’s dealing with that all just fine. Yay! June can’t come quickly enough for me now.

ok, back to work. Kinda. I took a bunch of photographs this weekend that I’m dying to download and process. :)


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