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Ok, now I HAVE pictures, but…

I can’t post them yet. I am silly when it comes to passwords. Because I try to make sure I don’t use the same thing every time, I have about – oh, maybe a dozen of them that I use quite commonly, but then the usernames aren’t always the same on everything either. I rely [...]

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this trip will be a great test…

Elliott and I have been dreaming for the past 2 years of taking off in our sailboat for a couple of years once the girls are in college – which is only about 5 years away. We think it just might happen when we can both work from wherever we are, just with an internet [...]

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the crazy run-around day

Every time we leave town, whether for a long weekend or a couple of weeks, the last day before leaving is the worst. Trying to get everything taken care of when leaving behind 2 self-run businesses, 3 children and 5 pets is not easy. My sister Molly will be living at our house while we’re [...]

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customer service

Once in awhile someone writes in with a complaint about a site we’ve listed as being great. The other day someone wrote in about Videobox, which we’ve promoted for the past two years because they’re probably the best value hardcore video site around. Basically they had a glitch in programming so that users had to [...]

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of blue boxes and other things

Ok, so we didn’t wait until dinner tonight. Here is my very pretty anniversary present from Ellliott – I know it’s a tad bit blurry, but hey I just snapped it on the Mac Photobooth while I sat here at my desk. heh, I remember the days back when I had a little webcam precariously [...]

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Today I am dying of impatience to get to open a small box that appeared in the mail today. From Tiffany’s. THE Tiffany’s. I don’t know what it is about the little blue box that is oh-so-enticing. I know it’s from Elliott, an anniversary gift, but I don’t know WHAT it is. Is it something [...]

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Yow, am I tired today. It was a long weekend, full of the demands of teenagers. I’m feeling overly emotional and a tiny bit rundown, and I’m hoping it’s only because of a wee bit of stress and that I’m NOT getting the cold that my middle daughter is home from school with today.
So I’ve [...]

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to really arrive refreshed at work, here is a good daily schedule:

8:00am, wake up halfway for long snuggle session with Elliott
8:30am, roll out of warm bed to retrieve coffee pot and mugs from kitchen. Pat dog.
9:00am, go downstairs again, freshly showered and in cute lingerie, to the smell of frying bacon. (everyone loves bacon, [...]

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And in happy anniversary plans…

things are moving right along with my fab site makeover I’m working on with Rae. She totally kicks ass, just so you know. Expect the stickgirl to make a comeback after all of these years. :) BUT what I really need is some ideas for t-shirt designs. I mean it too – this is funny, [...]

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happy (and not so happy) porn

Yesterday in the car, Elliott and I were discussing porn on the way into Seattle. Basically, he’d looked at some videos and watched some content that squicked him enough that he just had to share. I won’t get into exactly what, except that it violated every tenet of safer sex, and was basically just sorta [...]

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