things are moving right along with my fab site makeover I’m working on with Rae. She totally kicks ass, just so you know. Expect the stickgirl to make a comeback after all of these years. :) BUT what I really need is some ideas for t-shirt designs. I mean it too – this is funny, but when I post in here that I need design help or reviewers or whatever, I almost never get any response from anyone. I wondered why that was, but then the people who have responded usually say at the beginning “I didn’t really think you were serious, but I thought I’d write just to check.”

Yes, I’m serious. I need some cool ideas for tshirt designs for June, when we turn 10 around here. If you come up with something kickass that I want to use, there would be monetary compensation. (and a shirt, of course.) So pretty please, email me if you have brilliant ideas. Or cute ideas. Or dorky ideas. It should include the stickgirl.

Two weeks from today is vacation time, whoo! I’m getting enough of a fake tan that hopefully I won’t completely burn the first day on the water. I bought 4 new pairs of shorts, a new swimsuit and a sundress. I don’t think I need anything else. Well, maybe sunglasses. Between now and when we leave, there are 2 daughters birthdays to celebrate, as well as my wedding anniversary (I know, I just wrote about anniversaries last month but that’s cause Elliott and I celebrate the day we met, not the wedding) so we’re going to be massively busy. Ack. But good busy….

Check out toy reviews in a little bit, I’m just about to post Alwaysarousedgirl’s latest review which (just like the first one) makes for a fun read, regardless of whether you’re in the market for toys. My girlcrush continues.


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