to really arrive refreshed at work, here is a good daily schedule:

  • 8:00am, wake up halfway for long snuggle session with Elliott
  • 8:30am, roll out of warm bed to retrieve coffee pot and mugs from kitchen. Pat dog.
  • 9:00am, go downstairs again, freshly showered and in cute lingerie, to the smell of frying bacon. (everyone loves bacon, right?)
  • 9:30am, end up back in bed with deliciously horny husband. Admire the way huge hands look handling lovely red rope from Monk.
  • 10:30am, back in shower. hee!
  • 11:00am, 15 minutes of bad fake-n-bake tanning in preparation for Mexico
  • 11:30am, walk around marina with husband and very cute dog
  • noon: stop for 30 minute gossip session with friends who work in the same area
  • 12:30pm: vanilla cupcake and a latte, finally sit down to work.

I’m not usually quite this lackadaisical in my scheduling. But I sure am sitting here feeling happy. Hence the happy picture. :)


reading: The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly

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