Once in awhile someone writes in with a complaint about a site we’ve listed as being great. The other day someone wrote in about Videobox, which we’ve promoted for the past two years because they’re probably the best value hardcore video site around. Basically they had a glitch in programming so that users had to be logged in to the site in order to cancel, but they couldn’t log in. It didn’t affect their entire user base, just a few – but still, that sort of thing is alarming when you’re paying recurring billing.

At any rate, I wrote to Videobox to ask about it, because there had been a couple of other complaints (although not as strong as this one) after 2 years of nary a complaint. Now this is why I think they are wonderful: they wrote me back right away, got the situation fixed with the login problem, and took care of this particular complaint. They were wonderful about it.

I think of the bad old days of internet porn, when there was more than one company with completely fraudulent terms and conditions. It was a weird time because with the low cost of getting into the business, there were all sorts of sole proprietors who either didn’t know or didn’t care about legalities and ethics. That was really the roots of this site, was letting people know about those things. I know there are still fraudulent sites out there, but for the most part things are probably more legitimate now in the adult industry than they are in mainstream communications. These days you’re more likely to find ridiculous fine print in your online service provider’s terms and conditions than in a porn site’s. I think that pretty much rocks.

So what else is new around here: well, I talked to LippyImp today and am happy to hear that more book reviews and toy reviews from a male perspective are on the way. I love it when men write toy reviews because in my experience too many men are oddly afraid of them. As if they’ll be replaced or something, which is ridiculous. I can’t remember if I already wrote about this (if so, sorry for the repeat) but a few years back, when I was splitting with my former partner, we thought this site would have to be sold in the process. I was in talks with a major print publishing co. that puts out several men’s mags. The kind of stuff aimed at the 18-24 year old guys. They said in no uncertain terms that the first thing they’d do was can the sextoy reviews, because “men would be turned off by those.”

Do you think that’s true? If it IS true, it’d be nice to sort of educate 18-24 year old men that they don’t have to feel threatened if their partner wants to play with toys, either solo or as part of partner sex. I mean seriously, I would love to help kill the myth of the vaginal-intercourse-only-orgasm-simultaneously bullshit that is so prevalent. So anyhow, there is my ramble on why it’s cool that Lippy Imp is one of our sextoy reviewers (oh, and his lucky partner gets to help test-drive).


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