Every time we leave town, whether for a long weekend or a couple of weeks, the last day before leaving is the worst. Trying to get everything taken care of when leaving behind 2 self-run businesses, 3 children and 5 pets is not easy. My sister Molly will be living at our house while we’re gone, which is cool. The girls adore her and she’s uber-responsible so I won’t worry about that. I just still need to stock the house with groceries and pet food, remember to write various notes for school buses and after school activities and of course clean up so she can come over to a reasonably nice house tomorrow.

I’m still getting over the cold I got last week – what I thought was a tiny little thing is actually turning out to be a lingering cough and congestion thing. Ugh. And I will NOT hear the end of it if Elliott gets it – he’s been treating us all as if we have the plague, so afraid he is of getting sick at the start of vacation. So far so good for him though.

Still on the list when I leave in less than 18 hours: bank deposits, mailing bills, answering a few emails, getting my hair done, setting up the laptop so I’ll have access if we get hit by anything like massive spam or server attacks (it never fails to have something go wrong when I’m out of town), the aforementioned grocery trip, laundry and packing. And spending tonight with the girls, since I’ve not been away from them for this long in quite some time.

Next time I write, I’ll be posting a picture of my toes in the sand… :)


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