Elliott and I have been dreaming for the past 2 years of taking off in our sailboat for a couple of years once the girls are in college – which is only about 5 years away. We think it just might happen when we can both work from wherever we are, just with an internet connection.

This little 10 day trip will prove to be a good mini test of the theory. And so far it’s working! This is our first full day here – we got in in the mid-afternoon yesterday, with enough time to check out the marina (we’re staying at the marina in Nuevo Vallarta) and have a bit of dinner. Then we got ourselves connected on the local wireless, and used Scype to call the girls and my sister at home. Everything worked perfectly!

So this morning I am sitting here getting a bit of site maintenance done, reviews posted, and this of course posted while Elliott takes a shower. Next up is pool time. Tomorrow we’re going scuba diving for the day, which I’m greatly looking forward to. Our last dives were almost a year ago in Jamaica, where there was wonderful warm water and great visibility but little sea life. Here there is supposed to be abundant marine life AND excellent visibility.

An acquaintance of mine (whom I hope to someday call ‘friend’) moved to Mexico two years ago from the States, and she’s been getting along just great working via the miracle of modern technology. She’s a total inspiration to me.

I miss the girls already WAY too much, although when we called last night they seemed just fine. They almost sounded as if they wondered why we’d called already. I think we’re getting to the age where our separation anxiety is greater than theirs. Heh.

Anyhow… pictures forthcoming, I just haven’t taken any yet.

happy Friday everyone!


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