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the catch-all entry

K, so I’m better – as in not sick anymore, but extremely far behind on everything in my life. Today I’ve been playing catchup with site maintenance, posting reviews (new sextoy review from AAG is up) and trying to get some emails out. I’ve also been getting volunteer work caught up, because even there I [...]

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you know you’re lazy (or sick) when…

you use your cell phone to call your daughter, who is only in the next room.
Ugh. Elliott and I were exposed to the flu, I think on the flight back. Last night I got really sick. Today I’m still recovering, but I’m so weak feeling that yes, I did use my phone to call my [...]

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ok, we’re back

but the teenagers have bombarded me with stuff, so much so that I’m WAY behind. See, their spring break started the same day we got home (monday) so they’re out of school and high maintenance this week.
I think I’ll get a chance to go into the office later this afternoon, and hopefully tomorrow because [...]

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falling in love with Bucerias

Ok, so I mentioned briefly that we went to dinner on the beach in Bucerias a few days ago. Last night we went back, to have dinner at a place called Tapas del Mundo. One of our sailing coaches suggested it to us, so we decided to try it because I love tapas. Anyhow, when [...]

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last day…

of our racing seminar at least. But we have 2 1/2 days left here after that, which is nice. Tonight we’re going to an Irish pub of all things, which is in Bucerias. We’re going for the live music, and to see some of the friends we’ve made while we’ve been down here. It’ll be [...]

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I was too tired to post at all for the past couple of days. I *thought* I was in decent shape before taking this class, in fact I’d even added gym time with cardio (which I never do) in the month before we left. But that doesn’t change the fact that my legs are absolutely [...]

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It’s only a bit after 7pm local time, but Elliott is already asleep next to me. The first day of sailing school was great fun, but not exactly a walk in the park. I’ve never sailed a small boat. Not a dinghy or a laser, rather my first experiences were all on 30+ foot boats. [...]

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Bucerias is a beautiful little bayside town about 15 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta, known for it’s beachfront restaurants and good surfing for newbies. When Elliott got home last night from scuba diving, he was famished so we headed out around 5:30 for an early dinner there. When we caught a cab, they said “do you [...]

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