Bucerias is a beautiful little bayside town about 15 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta, known for it’s beachfront restaurants and good surfing for newbies. When Elliott got home last night from scuba diving, he was famished so we headed out around 5:30 for an early dinner there. When we caught a cab, they said “do you have a reservation?” because Meson Bay where we were headed is a popular spot. But when the main meal of the day is between 2-4 in the afternoon, 5 is unheard of and we arrived to a restaurant with only one full table. We ended up right in the open window overlooking the beach, watching local boys bodysurfing in the waves and ex-pats and tourists walking peros in the sand.


Elliott snapped this of dolphins in the dive boat..


elliott holding a puffer fish on his dive trip

meson bay
the view from dinner.

We had a scrumptious appetizer of avocado stuffed with tuna, then shared a seafood special for two that had lobster, scallops, shrimp and whole grilled snapper and sea bass. Way more food than we needed, but somehow 3 hours, 2 margaritas each, and most of the meal passed before we knew it.


taken in the sunset glow post-dinner

sunset in bucerias

sunset in Bucerias

It was windy. Some of the restaurant staff were off to the sides staying out of the wind, shivering in short sleeved shirts. I couldn’t help but compare it though to being about the same as the warmest evening in August on Bellingham Bay. It was a little chilly, but for us still wonderful. I suppose if we actually lived here we’d be as acclimated as anyone and thus would have been cold too.

So I definitely lucked out on the scuba diving yesterday. When Elliott returned, he reported that the visibility, reputed to be very good, was indeed quite poor yesterday. It was unexpected, according to the dive shop staff, but the water had gotten cold and the visibility stinky in just the past two weeks. Sure, I decided not to go based on the cough, but dumb luck had it that I missed a day I wouldn’t have enjoyed anyhow.

Today is still up in the air. I’m leaning towards a lazy day like yesterday, with maybe a trip into centro Puerto Vallarta but nothing major. After all, we have sailing for five days after that, and then we’re thinking of trying out surfing lessons the last weekend we’re here. Sometimes it’s nice just to laze around.

The sad part of everything being relative to surroundings is that though I looked very dark to everyone I knew from my tanning bed time before we left, I look beyond pale here AND I’m still getting sunburn. blah. Anhow, here are the pics from yesterday:

centro pvr

the beach along the esplanade in Centro Puerto Vallarta

our lady

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church


the promised photo of toes, albeit not in sand…


Stephanotis? on the balcony at dinner


the balcony above the street at Trio

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