K, so I’m better – as in not sick anymore, but extremely far behind on everything in my life. Today I’ve been playing catchup with site maintenance, posting reviews (new sextoy review from AAG is up) and trying to get some emails out. I’ve also been getting volunteer work caught up, because even there I was behind.

Spent yesterday in Seattle with Heather, which was fun. It was her birthday, so we went to Olympus Spa to celebrate. Because really, nothing says happy birthday like having several layers of skin scrubbed off. My scrubbing person this time was very particular about everything. She moved me this way and that, at one point firmly chastising me for having the gall to move my own muscles. “Relax!” she kinda whisper-snapped at me. “I move you, you don’t move anything. You are here to relax.” That is something extremely difficult for me though, the whole having someone else move me around.

We got back to Ballard and devoured LOTS of sushi. Then shopped a bit, where I found some pretty red sandals for summer, and a very stylish new collar for Max. It’s turquoise with metal heart studs. So far the consensus among my friends and children though is that it’s not a masculine enough collar for my very large dog. Blah. I think it looks beautiful, and I swear to you he’s walking taller and prouder with it on. Very cute.

I am also proudly in possession of the VERY FIRST copy of Heather’s new book – one which my middle daughter was up until about 1am reading last night. I didn’t want to leave Seattle, feeling as if I should be dragging Heather out to celebrate the arrival of the book, but as she said “what better way to celebrate it than taking home a copy to someone who is currently really needing it?

So true.


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