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the family keeps on growing

I don’t know how many of you might remember when I used to blog about my goofy orange and white cat named Andy, but at any rate I did – lots. And he died last year. He was the third orange/white cat of my lifetime, the first being the original Andy back when I was [...]

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what not to wear

I’m sure almost everyone reading this blog knows what “MILF” stands for, but just in case: “Mother I’d Love to Fuck” is what the actual acronym stands for. It originated, far as I know, via the world of online porn, with MILF being a type of porn featuring women a bit older than typical. Of [...]

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just a quickie

to say that I’m out of commission until Thursday – no email access, no office time, just some recup that I may blog about on the PG rated blog. if you need to reach me, it’ll be Thursday until I get your email.
p.s. happy birthday to some old friends, Max yesterday and James Mogul [...]

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retail therapy

I have a MOO card obsession. I love them! First discovered when Heather gave me one of hers several months ago, now I have my very own. If you haven’t ever seen a MOO card, they are tiny little business cards that you can have your own images printed on. The paper quality is great, [...]

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May 7th

I finally got a chance to download photos from my camera today, and it’s been so long there were actually still Mexico pictures on there. I also found this gem:

You kinda have to click for the enlarged version to get the full effect. Elliott had a brush fire going this particular day, and our dog [...]

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I know, I know…

gone again, for ages this time. I started and stopped a couple of different posts mostly because if I’m going to write, I have to do it stream-of-consciousness and hit post. If I can’t finish in one sitting of a few minutes, it never makes it to the website.
Things are good, so no worries [...]

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