gone again, for ages this time. I started and stopped a couple of different posts mostly because if I’m going to write, I have to do it stream-of-consciousness and hit post. If I can’t finish in one sitting of a few minutes, it never makes it to the website.

Things are good, so no worries there. Only one month until the site is 10 years old! New design is coming along wonderfully (Rae kicks some serious ass) so we should be good to go come June – so get ready for prizes, tshirts and so on. Yay! I’ll give away some of the yummy sextoys that Alwaysarousedgirl has been reviewing, some year-long memberships to paysites, and other goodies.

With summer, things are going to get busier than ever for me. My oldest is officially driving a car, her permit arrived the other day and she’s been on the road twice now. Elliott and I are trying to figure out summer plans, including a remodel that is in the architectural stages right now. I’ve never been through the experience of a major renovation, all I’ve heard are the horror stories. Hopefully it’ll go smoothly, but I have no idea where we’re all going to sleep when walls start coming down. heh. Anyhow, I’ll try to keep up with things here at JanesGuide even if life does get crazy. I have another wonderful woman who should be able to start writing reviews very soon, in addition to AAG – and I am keeping my fingers crossed that other obligations will slow down for Vamp enough that she’ll be back soon. I know some of you are missing her as much as I am.

So… quick drive-by blog entry done, I’m out of here for the afternoon. More tomorrow. I think.


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