I have a MOO card obsession. I love them! First discovered when Heather gave me one of hers several months ago, now I have my very own. If you haven’t ever seen a MOO card, they are tiny little business cards that you can have your own images printed on. The paper quality is great, they’re nice and thick and sort of not-quite-matte but not glossy either.

So I was corresponding with a friend who has a similar MOO obsession and she told me about their new notecards, which led me to my next discovery: MOOpockets! An indie artist is making cute little pockets just the right size for MOO cards, in lots of different colors – I just ordered one of the clipon versions so I can clip my little MOOcard case to my purse handle. Yay! I need stickgirl MOO cards next, for JanesGuide. The above are just my personal MOOcards.

Next up for shopping is a shot of a totally cute necklace that I think is perfect for me. I found it locally at the farmer’s market…

As you can see, it’s perfect for me. (well, maybe you don’t agree with the ’saint’ part) but I love how it flips over. Imagine my surprise when I went to the artist’s website, Laughing Raven Design, and found that she does kinky designs too! You can get “spank me” earrings and pendants there, along with other cute things. Her work is that wonderful mix of pretty + industrial that I love so much.

What else… hrm. The book party last night was fun, although I was disappointed that a couple of friends I’d hoped to see didn’t make it. I did bump into Peter though (site reviewer here) and I hadn’t seen him in person in probably a year, so that was very cool. Oh, and finally got to meet a Seattle local photographer I’ve long admired, Molly Bennett.

We ended up getting home around midnight, to find that our bedroom was ice-cold. We’d left the windows open that morning. We also found the dog on our bed, 2 cats in our room and the t.v. left blaring because obviously a daughter had hijacked our room for the night. So, after closing the windows and kicking out the pets, we finally got warm enough to drift off to sleep only to be awakened by the LOUD chirp of our smoke detector letting us know it needed a new battery. Augh! Elliott got that fixed around 2am, and we dozed again – only to be awakened by the cell phone with IT’S dying battery noise. Double Augh!!

I’m exhausted today.


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