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Last night, Elliott and I went out shopping to pick out a new bed. There is something about a bed that is sorta sacred to me. In my previous relationship, I had a bed that I referred to as “the princess bed”. It was a huge, heavy four poster bed with a solid headboard that [...]

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cozumel or tobago?

I am so tired of Washington State in June. Seriously. Yesterday Elliott and I headed to the Eastside, to pick up a couple of small racing sailboats. The sun was pounding down as we loaded a couple of maybe 200 pound boats on a trailer behind my mommy-van. (Yes, I finally broke down and bought [...]

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the things I find reading our reviews…

The other day, AAG reviewed a site for us called The Lingerie Post. When I read it, I thought “a bra that converts into shopping bags? She’s gotta be kidding.” While maybe she was joking, maybe not (I didn’t find the post in question but I didn’t look very hard either) I DID find [...]

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double lifelines

Many years ago, my good friend Heather read my palm over cocktails one night. She said I had a double lifeline – it was a long lifeline, but two that finally merged into one. I found it interesting at the time, because back then I felt quite split into two distinct lives: my life running [...]

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what to do on a rainy Saturday

I just finished helping get Elliott and my oldest daughter packed up and out the door for a weekend sailing race. The alarm seemed to go off WAY too early this morning, after a late sushi dinner with a couple of good friends. Elliott is not at all excited about the weekend, because not only [...]

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calories burned: 867

I’ve been trying to get on track with my workouts lately by going to the gym as well as doing my usual pilates workouts, but this week I’ve failed miserably. This morning I was considering it, but now it’s after noon and the rest of the day is booked. Not wanting to be discouraged, I [...]

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can you see me now?

Okie, so here’s the deal: we launched, we faltered, we launched again. On Monday, we put up our 10th anniversary Jane redesign, only to have glitches that made all of you IE users unable to access – well, just about everything. It took us a day to get a heads-up (and thanks to you, J., [...]

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Ok, so the new tshirts are here! I will show you the rest of them later, but what I got was a ladies capsleeve in white, a ladies longsleeve inside-out seamed tissue-weight shirt (shown below) and a men’s P.E. gray (but not heathered gray). I also had a total of 5 ladies capsleeves done in [...]

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Site Issues!

This is Jack, substituting for Jane at the moment.. We rolled out the site Monday, all looked great from this end using standard browsers.. Firefox, Opera, Safari etc… The CSS was fantastic and all was well. That is until we looked at IE again.!! Internet Exploder did us in AGAIN, IE7 [...]

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it’s here it’s here it’s here!!!

I’m beyond excited. Rae and Jack have been working tirelessly (and I’ve been trying to stay out of the way) to get this launched. You *should* be seeing the new design now. It’s different enough that there will be no question if you are or are not. I LOVE it. Rae couldn’t have done any [...]

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