I’m beyond excited. Rae and Jack have been working tirelessly (and I’ve been trying to stay out of the way) to get this launched. You *should* be seeing the new design now. It’s different enough that there will be no question if you are or are not. I LOVE it. Rae couldn’t have done any better if she’d been reading my actual mind in terms of what I wanted to do.

We do still have to work out the kinks in the flash contest to win cool prizes. Prizes every day for 30 days, and I happen to have two of the Lelo Nea vibes that were reviewed glowingly today by alwaysarousedgirl. Sadly, I’ve not yet tried one but in my previous toy lust post that is the exact toy that was in my mind when I wrote that I needed to order things for myself. And that was just from looking at one, they’re beautiful in person. Far more than a photo can convey.

At any rate, we’ll get that worked out and get the birthday contests going (I know, I do things backwards. Stickgirl’s birthday and she’s GIVING presents) in the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy the new site design, let me know what you think, and email me if you find any little issues that we somehow overlooked.

Highlights: check out the janeology page, which now (thanks Rae) is finally fleshed out with tons of terms instead of just a few. Go look through it and submit any others we might have missed. The galleries are revamped with a new format that makes them so much fun to view, it’s almost as if I’d updated the photos themselves. (and I did add a gallery of some of my own photos through the years).

~ (a very happy, bouncy, Tiggerlike) Jane

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