Ok, so the new tshirts are here! I will show you the rest of them later, but what I got was a ladies capsleeve in white, a ladies longsleeve inside-out seamed tissue-weight shirt (shown below) and a men’s P.E. gray (but not heathered gray). I also had a total of 5 ladies capsleeves done in light blue, to see how they’d look, and they turned out really cute.

Here is the ladies longsleeve, which I am wearing with a black bra for 2 reasons: 1. I was wearing a black shirt when I decided to model this, thus a black bra underneath and 2. I figured it’d show you just how tissue-thin and see-through the shirt is. I will post pics of the other shirts once we’re ready to give them away in the contests, so people can decide. Depending on the response, I might reorder so we can have a supply for sale if people want them.

In case you can’t see it clearly, stick jane has a martini with an olive. The top text is “this is jane”, then the arrow pointing to the martini glass says “jane likes it dirty” – and then the url is in small type off to the side. Thanks again to Rae for the cute design. Although for the record, while I like an olive I prefer vermouth to only exist in the same room, not in the same glass, as my Grey Goose.

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