I’ve been trying to get on track with my workouts lately by going to the gym as well as doing my usual pilates workouts, but this week I’ve failed miserably. This morning I was considering it, but now it’s after noon and the rest of the day is booked. Not wanting to be discouraged, I decided to search for how many calories are burned during sex (which is a workout I WAS having this morning) and found this website. Were it only true, in the noises category alone it would beat the treadmill any day.

So anyhow – there we were, in the midst of things, when we heard the doorbell ring. Elliott was going to ignore it, until I told him that it just might be the UPS man dropping off a sextoy order. That being a possibility, he went down to check. Indeedy it WAS a quite prompt order from Open Enterprises (aka Good Vibrations) bringing a happy squeal from me, lying there tied up on the bed. I will have to write a review of one of these toys later – it has not yet been tried, but the presentation was everything. Imagine if you will, a faux-crocodile box in pink, lined in satin of the same color, with a (surprisingly large) pink insertable vibe – with a full, long, pink maribou tail on it! AND it came with a silver colored display stand. I’m debating at this point, either trying it out and doing a review, or giving it away (unused of course) in the contests once they’re up, as one of the bigger prizes. Yes, this little bit of whimsical toy lusciousness has a $200 price tag.

Why give it away instead of trying it, you might ask? Well, the biggie is with 3 teenagers, I’ve no privacy, and thus no wish to leave it out on it’s pretty silver stand beside the bed. And I’m thinking that is a good 90% of the appeal. What do you think, keep and try, or give?

The other toy was put into immediate service, being one of those wonderful Lelo Nea vibes that AAG reviewed a few days ago . Damn, that little thing has a strong battery. And it’s awfully pretty, and so non-sex-toy looking (it looks rather like an exotic computer mouse) that I did leave it plugged in next to the bed to charge when I was done.

Anyhow.. on with the day. I’m starving, after those hundreds of calories burned. heh.


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