I just finished helping get Elliott and my oldest daughter packed up and out the door for a weekend sailing race. The alarm seemed to go off WAY too early this morning, after a late sushi dinner with a couple of good friends. Elliott is not at all excited about the weekend, because not only is it rainy, it’s also not very windy. The race they are doing is a fun one that I’ve done before, where they actually race overnight. There is something about sailing after dark that is just wonderful. When I did this one a couple of years back, the wind kicked up around 2am and it felt like flying, the dark sky above and the dark water below.

This year I didn’t get to go because I’m home with the younger two kids. I considered briefly asking my sister to stay here at the house with them, but she hasn’t yet recovered from our trip to Mexico a couple of months ago. heh. When we got back from that trip, she asked “how do you DO it, with 3 teenagers. It’s so much responsibility!!” Since I want to impose on her again in July, I figured best not to push my luck by asking for this weekend.

See, next month is a week-long camp of racing, and Elliott and I are the proud new owners of a little one-design race 24′ long race boat. We’re both tired of trying to race our current boat, which is really made more for cruising. This new one has a trailer, so it actually stays out of the water most of the time and we’ll just tow it to wherever we happen to be racing. We’re calling the new boat “Amore” – now I need to find someone to do some cool tattoo art for the back of it. You know the kind: heart, barbed wire, the name scrolled through the middle. I don’t know if I should try to find some Flash, or just go by a tattoo studio and ask someone there to do a design that won’t ever be an actual tattoo. Although I will get temporary tattoos made with it as well. Right now the boat is in the Lake Tahoe area, so we have to schedule some time the first week of July to drive down and pick it up. I cannot wait though to sail it, this is a boat that can go 20+ knots downwind. Whee! That’s more than twice as fast as our current boat can go.

So… that was a segue, what I meant to blog was wondering what to do today. With the weather, my regular plans are out. We were going to go to the public market (un-fun in the rain). I do have a good book to curl up with, which is the best thing on a day like today.

have a great weekend!

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