The other day, AAG reviewed a site for us called The Lingerie Post. When I read it, I thought “a bra that converts into shopping bags? She’s gotta be kidding.” While maybe she was joking, maybe not (I didn’t find the post in question but I didn’t look very hard either) I DID find a posting there about StrapCouture, which is damn cool. Personally I think that every camisole, tshirt, halter top, etc. that has little straps should come with a built-in bra. I hate having bra straps showing EVER, but I think at this point my bra inventory would be around 100 if I had one to go with every interesting shirt I had. But StrapCouture? Cute straps? Straps that don’t look like them at all? I can DO that.

I am still firmly against things like regular straps on the shoulder paired with a halter shirt. Firmly against. But there must be some use for totally cute stuff like this.

So on to site news: we should have our little Flash games going up shortly. I decided to give away the lovely pink maribou-tailed vibrator that I mentioned in a previous entry (yes, unused!) because it needs to go to a good home where it will be fully appreciated. And if you’re going to the BlogHer conference in July, look for AAG there. She’ll have a few of our new JanesGuide t-shirts to give away, along with the massive haul of other products she was blogging about (none of those from us, sadly…)

happy monday!

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