I am so tired of Washington State in June. Seriously. Yesterday Elliott and I headed to the Eastside, to pick up a couple of small racing sailboats. The sun was pounding down as we loaded a couple of maybe 200 pound boats on a trailer behind my mommy-van. (Yes, I finally broke down and bought a mini-van. Shut up.) It felt like it was 90 degrees out, and I was thinking as we were suffering through it that it would be a beautiful evening to barbecue and sit outside with a cocktail.

Nope. By the time we got home the temperature had dropped easily 20 degrees, it was cloudy, and the wind had started to blow. Augh. It’s typical of this area to get a decent May and then a sucky June. Last year it felt like we barely had a summer. And thus, we’re in the vacation planning stages for this Fall… we’re thinking of on a scuba diving vacation with friends – Cozumel and Tobago are a couple of the possibilities, neither of which I’ve been to. Any divers out there have an opinion?

As for today, it’s kinda in the middle, weatherwise. It should be good wind for racing tonight, which I like. And not raining, which I also like. I just got back from taking Sherman to the vet, and I’m trying to figure out my day now that we’re all adjusting to the kids being out of school. For me, that means bits of time stolen on the laptop for work, but no office time. Kids are high maintenance in their early teens. Not yet driving, but having too many places they want and/or need to be. *sigh*

I’m sure I’ll get the work thing figured out. And have you noticed how often we’re updating now? :)


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