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back, at least for a few…

Here is how stupid I can be: I realized, just after I posted the other day, that “sunsick” was in fact “sick”. Flu. There are a few indicators with me when I am truly sick. Skipping a sushi dinner with out-of-town friends because I’d rather stay in bed is one of them.
It took me [...]

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hi hi, just catching up

Elliott and I have been gone for the past week, in the sunshine (too much sunshine, I can’t believe I’m saying it) trying out our new little racing sailboat for the first time. We got home very late last night, or rather I did, with him following this morning. We had a wonderful time, it [...]

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new icon thingies!

So the always-wonderful Rae just finished up some cute new linking icons for the site. They are just general ones, in case any of you want to decorate your websites (if you have them) with cute stickgirls and show your jane-love. :) We lurve getting links back, it’s hard being found anymore in the vastness [...]

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I’ve thought about adding a category to the website called “Quickies”, that will be listings solely for those little one-page free picture sites. In recent years, the “free photo site” has become a dying breed… gone are the days of extensive free photo sites. I understand why, it’s definitely a combination of there being no [...]

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two nights in a row

It’s almost midnight, but I can’t quite sleep. I don’t usually sleep alone, you see… and the past two nights, for totally different reasons, Elliott and I have ended up miles apart. 10 miles last night, 80 miles tonight. It’s all fine, and honestly I love my cozy bed even when it’s half empty, but [...]

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It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, so my negativity of yesterday is quickly dissipating. Elliott and I have one of those very rare kid-free weekends, to just play. We had a late night dinner with friends, so sleeping in was an extra treat. I was going to get up, but I found myself [...]

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one of those days

I’m having one of those days where I’m just feeling way too overwhelmed. The review queue is gigantic, I have 2 reviewers that I need to get started that I still haven’t set up, my inbox is overflowing and there are SO many good sites that I haven’t updated listings for in years. It’s one [...]

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waiting, la la la

K, so I was going to be in the office today working, but then I remembered that the bed Elliott and I picked out a couple of weeks ago is getting delivered today. Elliott dislikes change, so it was actually sorta difficult for him to disassemble the old bed and move it out to storage. [...]

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this just in…

I just posted a bunch more toy reviews, so I could keep up with AAG’s activities. I think I have the boring job doing the administrative stuff around here, it’s time to review more toys! I am working on the interface for the toy and book reviews, so that the various categories will give you [...]

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road trip, part two

We’re back, exhausted, as of 1:30 this morning. Just rolled out of bed and it’s already 10:30, our weekend is full of work here at home. The trip was actually quite nice, although in some of the parts of California we were in it hit temp highs of 116. That is the hottest weather I’ve [...]

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