This weekend, Heather and her boyfriend came up to see us and go for a boat day. One of the things that gets me through every kind of stress is sailing, and it’s that way for most everyone I know who does it. Something about just being out there, hearing the water, especially that moment on a sailboat when you can shut off the engine and it’s just utterly peaceful.

I love this photo, although as you can see there is no wind and the sails are barely staying up.

At any rate, Saturday we had a day in the sun with a couple of my favorite people AND they liked it! It thrills me when people I love have a good time on our boat, because it means they’ll do it again. And hopefully again again. The other cool thing is that we share a “first time” place. They had their first kiss at the same place Elliott and I actually MET. I like sharing a place with them. I will always remember the moment I met Elliott, on February 7th of 2004. At 5:30pm. :)

And in other exciting news: MY KITTEN SHERMAN is number 13 of winningest kittens on!!! Now you can go look at him, isn’t he the best? (click “winningest kittens, he’s on page 2)

Ok, yes I’m ridiculous. But you have to admit I have a damn cute kitten.


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