I just posted a bunch more toy reviews, so I could keep up with AAG’s activities. I think I have the boring job doing the administrative stuff around here, it’s time to review more toys! I am working on the interface for the toy and book reviews, so that the various categories will give you a listing of what’s in them, instead of just a big scrolling page of everything, but that’s not done yet. (soon, soon.)

And Jack just posted his thoughts on the brand new BETA interface at one of the most popular paysites online, Videobox. It sounds pretty cool. I love their interface already, but somehow they manage to keep improving on it. Anyhow, since the content is more Jack’s speed than mine (superhardcore) he checked it out and you can read that here.

What else… let’s see. Oh, if you’re wondering what the little “owl” icon is,
that’s for sites that have been around for more than 2 years. With so many paysites coming and going, it helps to know who’s around for the long haul. I’ll be adding it in to reviews as I have time. There is also a little cobweb icon you might start seeing, which is for sites that are still there, but quit updating ages ago. If they have good content, I’ll keep them listed, but you’ll know that they are collecting dust. heh.

Just getting back up to speed, after being gone a big chunk of last week. My to-do list is long. Ugh.


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