K, so I was going to be in the office today working, but then I remembered that the bed Elliott and I picked out a couple of weeks ago is getting delivered today. Elliott dislikes change, so it was actually sorta difficult for him to disassemble the old bed and move it out to storage. Our youngest daughter is going to use it once we finish our house remodel – right now her bedroom is way too small for a queen sized bed, but it won’t be when we’re done.

Yeah, we’re remodeling. And yeah, that’s a big ugh. So far nothing has started except that we had plans drawn up at the architect’s office. Now our contractor is in the midst of getting permits and such. We’re adding 2 bedrooms, home office space, and remodeling the kitchen, so it’s a fairly major undertaking. I’m happy about the kitchen and the home office space, and I wonder about the extra bedrooms since Elliott and I have been unsuccessful thusfar at having a baby. Will we jinx it if we prepare ahead for something that may or may not happen?

Anyhow, the kids are going to see the new Harry Potter movie with their grandma today, and I’m stuck here at home waiting for furniture delivery. I happen to LOVE change, so I don’t have any of the mixed emotions Elliott did. I just like having a bed that is all our own, that we picked out together. And it’s not really a princess bed like the last one I picked out, it’s far more masculine. This is more of a prince bed. heh.


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