I’m having one of those days where I’m just feeling way too overwhelmed. The review queue is gigantic, I have 2 reviewers that I need to get started that I still haven’t set up, my inbox is overflowing and there are SO many good sites that I haven’t updated listings for in years. It’s one of those days where I feel like I can’t make it as good here as I want to, with limited time. And honestly, limited attention span. Much as I try to set regular hours to be in the office, during summer it gets way more difficult. The girls are out of school, and while I CAN work from home, I often don’t because it seems like one or the other of them is always popping their head in the door to ask something. Blah. I know I’ll get over this little bout of feeling down, but today is sucky.

In better news than that, we took the new boat out for it’s first spin last night. It scoots along pretty darn well, in fact we had a bit too much wind for a first time out. I’m looking forward to practicing on it tomorrow, since it’s only a week before we race it for the first time. Eep! Probably this is another thing that I’m subconsciously stressed about, that is adding to my feelings of overwhelmedness.

And I love my new bed. Our mattress feels softer on it than the old one, perhaps it has a better frame. I’m not sure, I didn’t see it getting assembled. Two teenaged boys were the delivery guys, and I figured it was daunting enough for them to be setting up my bed, with nude paintings on the walls and such, without me standing there overseeing. heh. I do love having delivery that actually sets it all up and takes away all the packaging materials. WAY nicer than having to deal with it myself.

Ok, I’m off to take my oldest daughter on lunch break (she’s here working for Elliott today, folding and stuffing envelopes) while we have a random break in the weather. It’s been weird today, 2 hours ago it looked like a major thunderstorm was going to hit, but now it’s clear and sunny again.


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