It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, so my negativity of yesterday is quickly dissipating. Elliott and I have one of those very rare kid-free weekends, to just play. We had a late night dinner with friends, so sleeping in was an extra treat. I was going to get up, but I found myself ensnared in bed again rather quickly, with Elliott. We decided to do a little product testing in our free time (this is when I LIKE my job) so you can read that review over in the toy section.

Once I was sufficiently recuperated (which included nap, shower and mac-n-cheese. I LOVE mac-n-cheese post-sex. Is that weird?) I sat down with my laptop to try to write a review while things were – ahem – fresh in my mind. Sherman would NOT leave me alone though, he scrambled his way up onto the bed and proceeded to purr me about to death, all the while attempting to make himself at home on my actual keyboard.

Since my laptop has a little webcam thingie built in like all newer Apple computers, I tried to take his picture. I had to keep shoving him off the keyboard to do it. He was pretty relentless.

Anyhow. Today is good, and Elliott is now lying bedside me in bed again, sighing dramatically because he wants me to be done writing so he can have my undivided attention. Which is a nice thing. :)

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