It’s almost midnight, but I can’t quite sleep. I don’t usually sleep alone, you see… and the past two nights, for totally different reasons, Elliott and I have ended up miles apart. 10 miles last night, 80 miles tonight. It’s all fine, and honestly I love my cozy bed even when it’s half empty, but I miss him anyhow. Saying goodnight tonight consisted of some flirtatious text messages and a midnight phone call.

It’s all busy lately and I’m feeling stressed out. We have all kinds of things coming up that will take us away from home. I have mixed feelings always about summer – I love the sun, water and wind, but I hate how out of my normal routine I get. We’re going to end up racing our new little sailboat a bunch, here in the States and in Canada, so half of this month AND every single weekend of August is already accounted for. augh!

Tomorrow is pilates day, but I’m going to try to work on the laptop in the car (while Elliott drives! not while I drive!) so I can FINALLY get the little Flash games up for those long-overdue 10th birthday prizes. After all, right now I have a box of JanesGuide t-shirts and a box of sextoys (and a bunch of annual paysite subscriptions, but THOSE don’t take up space) lying around the office. If I don’t get rid of them soon, I’ll end up using them. (well, not the paysite subscriptions, and I can only wear so many t-shirts even if I quit doing laundry altogether, but the toys…hrm.)

Will check in again on Wednesday. Tomorrow is packed from the time I wake up until the wee hours. Summer.


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