Elliott and I have been gone for the past week, in the sunshine (too much sunshine, I can’t believe I’m saying it) trying out our new little racing sailboat for the first time. We got home very late last night, or rather I did, with him following this morning. We had a wonderful time, it was definitely just what I needed, as my emotions had taken a plummet into the lowest they’d been in a decade just prior to leaving. I guess a week of sun and endorphins can fix anything. I knew without a doubt that it was chemical, because I don’t have anything at all to complain about – but I did have a malaise I couldn’t kick no matter how much I tried to put it on ignore, self-medicate it, power through it, do extra pilates, etc.

At any rate, I wanted to check in since I’ve not been here (I remembered to tell everyone who worked here except Rae, sorry Rae!) and I’m leaving again tomorrow morning. One of my closest friends, Odette, moved across the State a couple of months ago, so the kids and I are going for a whirlwind visit – out tomorrow morning, back either late Monday or early Tuesday. I’m home for 2 days, then the whole family leaves again on a cruise up North for a 4 day weekend. I wish I lived in Europe, where 6 weeks holiday was common because I’m feeling massive guilt for being away – as if the world will end if porn gets stale. heh.

So.. that’s it for me, will try to get caught up on email before I leave tomorrow but I can’t promise totally. My best effort though.

oh, and can you believe I would say too much sun, after the horrid rainy-cold week we just endured in the middle of July? Well, I did get too much, enough to get a touch of sunsickness last night that I’m just now recovering from….

have a wonderful week, updates to come!


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