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late night, busy weekend

Last night I went bowling with my sister and a pile of kids. It was fun, I forgot I liked bowling – I think it’s been about 2 or 3 years since I last went. I discovered to my surprise that I’m actually stronger now, so I bowled a little bit better, at least [...]

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oh, what to do…

it’s hair appointment day, and I can’t decide! I’ve had lots of styles and colors over the years, but right now it’s just called “boring”.
I miss my pink streaks that I had when I was 34. And the red, black and white from when I got it done in Minneapolis, with Heather. And I’d [...]

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accidental deletions

Urgh. So yesterday I accidentally deleted a post I’d just written when all I meant to do was edit a link within in. And I accidentally deleted a review request, when overzealously cleaning spam out of the submission queue. I probably also accidentally caught more than one email I should have read in my spam [...]

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now it’s MY birthday,

not my website’s birthday. I turned 38 this Saturday, spending the day on the water with friends for a party/cruise that was held for a different occasion. It wasn’t the thing I necessarily felt like doing, given the iffy weather, but I ended up having a wonderful time. Also was very touched when two [...]

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the countdown begins…

For school to re-start, and I can’t wait. I am a creature of routine, for the most part, and summer throws my normal life into chaos. Partly it’s driving kids around, partly it’s always having a constant stream of houseguests (with 3 teenagers, there is always at least ONE friend over, if not more) and [...]

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of sextoys and food

This morning I was browsing a relatively new blog that was submitted for a review, and somewhere in there was this observation:
we try pretty much everything, and that extends to toys. I’ve never been with anyone before that was into much more than flavored/warming lube, or maybe ice cream. I’ve never busted out my vibrators, [...]

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this n that

Yay! I’m all happy because I just got myself and Elliott signed up for Max’s two day bondage workshop in a couple of months. We’ve been meaning to get to one of his workshops for ages, but with our crazy schedules there is never time to go. Finally one we can actually go to, and [...]

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online window shopping

Since it feels totally like Fall already even though it’s the middle of August, I’ve all of a sudden wanted to window shop for Fall clothing. And bedding. And shoes. Mmmm. There is very little interesting in the smallish city that I live in, and since I rarely get to Seattle anymore I find myself [...]

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poly schtuff

Despite my own mixed experiences with poly, I think I remain quite poly positive. I’m positive that I don’t want to do it again in the short term future, but I get annoyed when I hear the mainstream line about how relationships should be. My middle daughter the other day was complaining about a friend [...]

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my theory on personality-driven porn

I was going through reviews this morning to put up, and came across a wonderful site with great personality. I decided to wander through myself, and found that there haven’t been any updates at all since the end of April. Not particularly notable, I suppose, except that I am running across that so much more [...]

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