Yay! I’m all happy because I just got myself and Elliott signed up for Max’s two day bondage workshop in a couple of months. We’ve been meaning to get to one of his workshops for ages, but with our crazy schedules there is never time to go. Finally one we can actually go to, and it’s the exact one I’ve wanted to do because it covers everything. I know how good Max is at teaching already, having been fortunate enough to have a private lesson with him once.

And in other more normal news, I’m off for the day to take the girls shopping with Natasha. It’s become somewhat a tradition to do our Fall shopping with her, she’s been coming with me since they were about 8, 9 and 10. In fact I do recall her talking my middle daughter out of a full length leopard spotted coat when she the tender age of 9. The sad part of course being that there was such an option available in her size. ugh.

Oh: in other bondage related news: AAG just reviewed The Training of O, the incredibly hot new site from Kink.com. Check it out, it looks absolutely fabulous and it features an old friend of many of us in Seattle, James Mogul. Yum.


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