For school to re-start, and I can’t wait. I am a creature of routine, for the most part, and summer throws my normal life into chaos. Partly it’s driving kids around, partly it’s always having a constant stream of houseguests (with 3 teenagers, there is always at least ONE friend over, if not more) and lastly of course is the amount of time spent on the water. The worst part of everything is that my sex life disappears. Normally, once the kids get off to school in the early hours, Elliott and I get at least a couple of hours of quality alone time. (This, gentle readers, is the true perk of being self-employed. If we get to work late, we can’t exactly fire ourselves, now can we?)

In a mere week and a half, I will once again return to my cherished routines. Oh, except that our remodel plans are in the final permit stages and we’ll be breaking ground for our addition by October. This is something that makes me shudder in fear. Luckily it’s LOUD work, so there should be no construction workers overhearing any – uh – “alone time” sounds made by yours truly. :)

Next on my list is to find a good kitchen designer, because the plans don’t include the actual final design. I need to pick countertops, cabinets, flooring, trim, appliances, etc. I’m actually totally looking forward to that part of things, other than the “staying within a budget” part. heh. I was thinking for countertops of possibly using Paperstone, which looks like a really cool green building idea. You can get it made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper now. I wish I knew someone who had it, to know how it does over time, but it’s very pretty in person. We saw some at least year’s home show.

I wish I knew exactly what I was getting into with the whole remodel thing, but it’s not a process I’ve ever been through before. It’s been a distant thing for the past 2 years, but now that the time has actually come, I’m feeling a bit worried about just how disruptive it might be. But, the end will hopefully be well worth the trouble.

Anyhow… happy weekend everyone!

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