not my website’s birthday. I turned 38 this Saturday, spending the day on the water with friends for a party/cruise that was held for a different occasion. It wasn’t the thing I necessarily felt like doing, given the iffy weather, but I ended up having a wonderful time. Also was very touched when two friends not only remembered it was my birthday, but managed to get fresh flowers and a cake across a very choppy Bay in lots of wind, in just a large dinghy. I can’t believe they, the cake and the flowers all arrived unscathed. It truly made my day, I love surprises like that.

Birthdays and aging in general are weird. I felt WAY older when I turned 34 than I do now. Of course at the time, I was in the midst of a divorce, so I think that could have had something to do with it. heh. Anyhow, with the exception of worrying because Elliott and I would still like the chance to have a baby (that lovely emotional and mental “do it before you’re 40″ self-imposed deadline) I am pretty darn happy with 38. I’m healthy, happy and at a good place in my life with just about everything. Yay birthdays. ;)


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