Urgh. So yesterday I accidentally deleted a post I’d just written when all I meant to do was edit a link within in. And I accidentally deleted a review request, when overzealously cleaning spam out of the submission queue. I probably also accidentally caught more than one email I should have read in my spam filter as well, but at least that I didn’t know about, and have that moment of “damn it, I didn’t mean to hit THAT key!”

Not that I posted anything all that exciting yesterday. Just general life updates like I got called for jury duty for the 4th time in the past two years, and my two of my children are officially highschoolers. And that I shop online far too much, thus making it difficult to buy gifts for me. While there are things I desire, there is nothing I need.

Today I stopped by a local tattoo shop to get some artwork created for our new boat. It already has a kickass paint job, but we named it (prior to us, it was raced under it’s hull number) so now we want to add some tattoo-inspired artwork to it’s rear. The guy whose portfolio I liked the best was, sadly, not in right then so I’ll need to make another trip, but at least I have his name, number and hours now. Hopefully he’ll be up for doing a tattoo that will only be on a boat, not a person. :)


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